is the veil debate well timed ?

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bendigedig | 01:23 Sun 22nd Oct 2006 | News
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i watched sky this lunchtime and Tony Benn made an interesting comment that Jack Straw's article was timed to take the heat off the army general's comments last week and to hype the British public- this made me think as ive never really cared about veils before this.


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No I do not agree with Tony Benn over this matter, although I do agree with him in the main over the Iraq and Afghanistan fiascos.

I think that the two debates are entirely seperate, and maybe it is because you may not have been in close contact with a person wearing the full veil, this is the reason that you have not been concerned about them before.

The veil is increasing becoming more and more a statement, amongst our young female Muslims, a kind of badge in fact. They say they only need to wear it in the presence of males,and that is to prevent males from ogling their naked faces etc. if this is so, then this is not only sexist, but it is also very offensive if you happen to be a normal male. Or is the right to be offended strictly reserved for Muslims?

what is a normal male aog?. A normal male thinks of sex every 14 seconds. Be honest when we see a stragner woman we subconsiously say yes or no (know what i mean) and if the answer is yes we substantiate it with the reasons (in our minds). It is the natual instinct for a man. Walk down a high street and see how a male mind works. It is ordained in nature. And dont go all proper and say it does not happen.

I fully agree with Benn. This debate has been thrust upon us for reasons of diversion and to create a fear amongst the people in preparation for an attack on another islamic country viz: iran. make them into monsters and then kill them.Old trick new perpetrators.
I never saw this debate, as I was at work, but I fully agree with the second part of Doms post, on the reasons why Jack Straw came out with his comments when he did.

Also, he only was obeying orders from the near dictator in No10.
lonnie whatever happened to you. I thought you liked Blair.

I am coming around to your idea that Blair wants to break this land up and live abroad when he resigns. Everything he has done with europe and the UK (his immigration policies) point to a complete disregards for the welfare of UK citizens (muslims included)
if it was timed for that reason, well it makes me pig sick.i actually thought these politicians were beginning to listen to the majority of Britons and the ridiculous pandering to these muslims. we all have plenty of time to reflect about who we will be voting for next general election i suppose.

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is the veil debate well timed ?

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