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anotheoldgit | 17:13 Sat 21st Oct 2006 | News
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Did anyone else see the report on Muslim veils on Sky News this lunchtime?
I thought it was rather an unbalanced report, giving that the only person allowed to voice the indigenous population's view on the veils, was an old lady out on the street.
The only other outside interview was with an academic Muslim lady who could not understand what all the fuss was about over such a trivial matter. (This is rich coming from a person whose religion is so intolerant over trivial matters the Danish cartoons and Salman Rushdie's novel, spring to mind)

There then came a studio debate, once again so unbalanced; one side was Lee Jasper, Ken Livingston's Senior Policy Advisor of Equalities. Who was not slow in introducing the word racialism into the debate in his usual ' voice over everyone else's style ', on the other side was a placid Sikh gentleman (a complete opposite to Lee Jasper), who I believed belonged to the Conservative Party.

Why did they find it necessary to pick an Asian of the Sikh religion to give his mild 'sitting on the fence' opinion on the subject? Surely they could have chosen someone from that vast majority of the indigenous population who condemn the wearing of these hideous veils and who could have given the outspoken Lee Jasper a run for his money?


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Hi aog, you obviously didn't watch Question Time on thursday evening, it was set in Preston, with a mix of panellists, including a Sikh, and he said that this country, (and remember, this is a Sikh saying this), is a Christian country, with a tradition of welcoming other religeons and peoples, with a benevolent attitude, and anyone wo doesn't want to live by the rules of this country, should leave.

I don't remember his name, but he was a writer and comedian, he also agreed that the judgement of the school veil was right.

Needless to say, the Muslims lady on the panel, and the ones in the audience didn't agree.

Sound to me, as you imply, that this one was chosen, as you imply, because he didn't want to stir things up, not so the one on Question Time.
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Hi Lonnie
Yes I did watch question time on Thursday, and oh how refreshing it was to listen to this guy, his name incidently is Hardeep Singh Kohli, and he is Scottish. He was born in Glasgow of immigrant parents I believe.
But he spoke alot of sence and some of the Muslim community, especially those that where born and educated in this country, have alot to learn from this chap.
Yes he may be of a different religion and wears a turban, but he has obviously embraced the nation in which he was born, and this is what is lacking from the Muslim community.

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Veil report on Sky News

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