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Ric.ror | 14:51 Fri 17th Mar 2006 | News
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Why is the Irish economy in such a strong position at the moment


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Because it's been fed by the EU for about the last 15 years, that's one of the places our �1bn a month goes to when we're not keep French farmers in clover.

There's the "EU cohesion fund", the "EU expansion fund", the "EU integration fund" ..... the "EU lets shaft the British fund". You see signs all over Ireland.

Becoz they are selling so many pints of Guiness 2day
Looosehead - you are obviously a Moron! The economic boom that started in Ireland was due to many factors,including a low Corporate Tax rate,Government incentives for multi-national investment,Growing stability in the Northern Ireland situation provided a basis for a stable operating environment,and apart from anything else the fact that Ireland lagged behind some of the countries in Western Europe for so long meant that when the economy took off it was more apparent.Subsidies received from Europe helped of course - but it's payback time now and Ireland is receiving huge volumes of economic migrants from the Eastern European accession states,as well as making it's own valuable contributions. And I think French farmers would have something to say about you 'keeping them in clover' too!
Nicely put F1fan.

Well I hardly know where to begin f1fan, Do you always resort to name calling because your debating skills are so weak? So anyone who disagrees with you is a moron then? mmm I can see I'm going to be struggling to debate you here as I have rarely encountered someone of such low intellegence so you you'll forgive me if I struggle to comprehend. Tell you what when your IQ get's into double figures try making a sensible point.

Oh and try snapping out of your Europhilia occasionally and you might, just might be able to see how we are continually shafted by this corrupt organisation.

Well loosehead if you make sweeping insulting comments about someone's country, then expect them to make sweeping insulting comments about you.The Irish are not spoon fed handouts by the EU anymore than any other nation, Ireland has strived very hard to obtain a good economy. We did the right things at the right time and it's paid off, simple as that.Sorry it's clearly breaking your heart that we're not still begging you for a stray spud, but those days are long gone and our economy is expected to improve still further.

Your last post responded to none of the points raised by F1fan, as apparently it's easier to question his IQ since he dared to disagree with you and make sarcastic comments about his very intelligent post.Perhaps you'd be kind enough to respond now to the points he raised? If you are at all worried about whether or not my IQ is sufficient for you to debate with me I'd be delighted to forward you my mensa credentials....

OK guys, no insult intended to Ireland, what I was trying get across is that Britain is regularly shat on by the EU. I apologise if that came across as an attack on Ireland I didn't intend it but I can see how my post could be taken like that. I have been to Ireland many times, in fact I have a brother that live there so I don't have any sort of a downer on the place. Of course there are many factors to Ireland's strong economy I was just highlighting one area that is very obvious when you travel in Ireland.
Loosehead - apologies for the name-calling..racism always brings out my name-calling side! Okay,seriously though,if the point you were making was that you feel England are being shafted,then fair enough. To blame the Irish,and the EU developement funds though,well,it just seems a short-sighted and biased opinion.
As Noxlumos said,maybe try find legitimate arguments to the points raised?
OK, for Ireland you could also read Portugal and probably the new eastern block countries. So I'm not blaming anyone in particular, Ireland was in the question so I used that as the example. It's the EU as whole I'm getting at because we allways seem to get the sh1t end of the stick.
Aw.... Isn't it nice when we all become friends again, gives you a nice warm little glow inside...:)lol
Why cud you not have just made a quip about Guiness !

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