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The Duke & Duchess Of Edinburgh 25Th Wedding Anniversary

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naomi24 | 13:01 Wed 19th Jun 2024 | News
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The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh have marked their 25th wedding anniversary by releasing a new portrait.  It strikes me that the royal wives (well, most of them), despite not being born 'royal' and having to learn the ropes, are really doing their bit to support the king, the monarchy and the country.   With a depleted workforce it can't be easy but Camilla, Catherine and Sophie are all doing an admirable job.   What do you think?





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Yep, I thik that's a fair assesment. The new Wallis Simpson would do well to follow their example.

Good afternoon,

Tora Tora Tora, as the lady you mentioned is not a working Royal can you please explain why she should follow their example?

She's a Royal wife, her FIL is The King, you don't have to be a working royal to proceed with dignity.

Thank you for your response.

What do YOU think she has done wrong now?

I cannot see anything recently other than jibes from the media.

Mate if you want to talk about MM start your own thread I'll be happy to engage. This is Naomi's thread.

Sack the lot of them I say.

Sorry Tora Tora Tora,

I was just conversing with you as you raised the subject.

Apologies again.

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The Duke & Duchess Of Edinburgh 25Th Wedding Anniversary

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