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Sex Differences In Value Of Life

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wepayurbenefits | 06:42 Wed 19th Jun 2024 | News
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girls are more equal than boys

so called uplifting stories actually come from russia .putin sure knows well how easily news cycle gets manipulated.

morale improvement my ass,men get shot in frontline while their wives watch from confort of their home

Donate your money elsewhere.



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I haven't personally donated money to anyone in this scenario.

Are you saying the wives should be called up for fighting?

That nonsense phrase "more equal" again.


Yeah society treats the different sexes differently. That's culture for you. Difficult to change anything though.

It's not just cultural, it's science.  In a hypothetical population at critical point it is better to have 100 women and three men than the other way round.

On the other hand, it is better to have three men over 50 than no women under 50 

Perhaps wepayurbenefits might want to read this interesting and thought provoking article about women serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and then reconsider the banal and knee-jerk sexism in their original post :

none of the  lads looked unhappy. they might have lost limbs and not their loo-loo's.

and the limbless ex fighters have an interest in Ukraine winning in that they alternative is to be limbless in a new liberated Russian paradise having fought against.... the  Russians.

a lorra women fought in the Red Army 1941-5

Unless their home has been bombed?

If we don't fight them over there we'll be fighting them here and be invaded, how does that fit with the far right?

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@Old_Geezer I personally dislike term culture bc its such umbrella term clear without definition.instead i prefer word like mentality,tradition,ethos,societal norm.

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Perhaps sunny-dave might want to read this interesting and thought provoking article 



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"according to which women are taken for military registration of conscripts, given the real needs of state defense " says Zelensky

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Sex Differences In Value Of Life

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