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Why Do Politicians Never See The Obvious Answer?

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ToraToraTora | 10:52 Tue 18th Jun 2024 | News
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Instead of squirming just say yes you would have served in Agent Cob's cabinet, of course you would. I would respect that more than all the squirming.



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Because they really dont understand what the public are thinking, this is why they hate Farage, he spends time supping in the pub and listens to what is said in the real world.  

Everybody's got their own idea of the 'real world' which fortunately fits in with their own opinions.

He knows the answer.  He just won't admit it. 

Of course he would have served in Corbyn's cabinet, so I too get frustrated when politicians will not give a straight answer to a straight question; he hid behind the comment that it was a hypothetical question, which was mealy-mouthed given he could have given a hypothetical yes or no.


"At the time Sir Keir, who was then the shadow Brexit secretary, praised the manifesto saying it offered "real change" and "an ambition to meet the needs" of the country."


I also get frustrated when politcians blatantly lie and expect the electorate to swallow the lie; I find it disrespectful and treats us as mugs. Does he really expect us to believe that a man of means would not use private health care for idealogical reasons even though doing so could quickly alleviate a problem that would otherwise take months on the NHS?


My criticism above is aimed at SKS, but with very few exceptions they're all the bloody same.


//Everybody's got their own idea of the 'real world' which fortunately fits in with their own opinions.//

Waht utter garbage, for most of us anyway.

The real world consists of many views but probably ecluding the right-on Metropolitan Elite World you inhabit.

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Why Do Politicians Never See The Obvious Answer?

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