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All the fault of the lefty liberal Governments and Courts who defend these people.

This is not going to end well as still they let thousands in.

//a spokesperson said that there was no longer any danger to the public.//


At least from that one.

yes yes YMF is quite right - no one wd be stabbed if we didnt let anyone with a tan in !

It stands to reason ( er on AB that is!)

shooting a knife-man is now routine - how times have changed

//no one wd be stabbed if we didnt let anyone with a tan in !//


This one may not have had a tan.   The followers of Islam come in all flavours.

Since when did 'tan'(a skin colour)  =  Muslim(a religion)?

What an ignorant statement.

Question Author

even a police officer turned to islam and not tan


Trying to force people of very different cultures and religious principles to live side by side in perfect harmony was never going to work. 

It's being reported the police officer has died.

How sad. 

Very sad.

Died while trying to help an injured person. Stabbed in the back.

what a glorious religion, join us or die.

I feel sorry for the police these days.  Or "Plod" as some choose to call them.

From behind their keyboards

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Anti-Islam Stabbing In Germany

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