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The Start Of Labour On The Road To Victory

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gulliver1 | 14:20 Tue 28th May 2024 | News
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Rachel Reeves made a sensational Speech today as she quite rightly says Labour is the Party for British Business As she pledges to lead the most pro-business treasury that Britain has ever seen ,While pledging not to increase Business tax ...Go for it Girl.



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Sensational: presenting information in a way that is intended to provoke public interest and excitement, at the expense of accuracy.

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The future Chancellor's Speech came after 121 top business figures signed a letter endorsing Labour's economic plans.

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It was so refreshing when M/S Reeves was asked a question to hear her reply immediately. Instead of the usual  "Erm or umm" you hear from a Tory speaker when they are trying to think up an answer.

Ha ha. From the Sky News article:

 "The letter, it must be said, does not have quite the star quality of business letters in years gone by.

There are only a handful of genuinely top-rank business leaders of the very recent past on it, such as the former Sky Betting & Gaming chief executive Richard Flint and the former Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye, while the only FTSE-100 company represented on the list is JD Sports, whose chairman Andy Higginson is one of the signatories.

And more than one of the signatories - such as Richard Burge, former chief executive of London Chamber and Commonwealth Enterprise Council - were already members of the Labour Party."

What was refreshing was her refusal to call herself a socialist.  

Methinks Labour is going to inherit a lot of difficulties once they get into power.The last Labour government left a note saying there is no money left,this time the Tories will be leaving a note saying sorry Kier,we are 3 trillion in debt,and getting worse.

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Nice to see The founder of Wikipedia signing a letter of endorsing Labour.

// Nice to see The founder of Wikipedia signing a letter of endorsing Labour. //

wow, a ringing endorsement from the organisation that claims Winston Churchill is alive and living in sprightly retirement in the village where they used to film Last of the Summer Wine....

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Ynnafymmi @ 14.45 I am quite expecting the Outgoing Tory chancellor to leave Labour a note in the  safe saying there is no money left after the likes of Michelle Mone . Matt Hancock and nearly every Tory mp. Uncle Tom Cobley and all have milked the tax payer dry. With the outgoing Govt.

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Mushroom 14.51 As long as they don't claim that Maggie Thatcher is still alive.. I couldn't give a fig🤣

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"Over the last 14 years the Tories have have pushed the standards of public life so low that a rattle snake could not squeeze under the bar now".

Don't you just love these quotes  ....I do.  





Welcome to statement bank! It's about time posts that do not ask a question are removed. It's called Answebank for a reason. Same should be applied to the use of emojis. 

My previous post should say "Answerbank" not "Answebank"

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The Start Of Labour On The Road To Victory

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