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douglas9401 | 10:14 Tue 28th May 2024 | News
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Gravy and peas?

As the  Vatican dusts off the Book Of Excuses For Dummies we're not all equal in the eyes of God it seems.



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Private discussion, description that wouldn't have turned a hair when he was growing up. Storm in a teacup. Equal doesn't mean approved of by religious bodies. Otherwise none would preach there was a Hell and would instead preach all returned to a Heaven instead with no blemish on their character.

Oh; and with mashed potato, peas, and gravy.

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Powerful old man gets a pass and all hope it goes away.

TBF as head of the worlds largest gay paedophile ring, he'd know.

10.24 no pearly gates for you me old China ! Pmsl

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