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The Worm That Turned?

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ichkeria | 12:13 Fri 19th Apr 2024 | News
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Here's Mike Johnson late of the "no arms to  Ukraine " parish.

"Providing lethal aid to Ukraine right now is critically important... I would rather send bullets to Ukraine than American boys."

What's changed his mind? Fear of losing his job?
Not that there aren't still people like the ignorant Republican congressman interviewed on the BBC lunchtime news yesterday.



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Shame you had to turn it into Republican bashing exercise.

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Nonsense. Not Republican bashing at all. .There are many great Republicans who support Ukraine to the hilt. Unfortunately there are too many who dance to the Trump tune, or what they imnagine to be the Trump tune. The loudest voices coming out against are, sorry to say, Republican, for a variety of reasons. That is a fact.

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As for the "why",the following may explain  it, in which case credit to Mr Johnson, although at the same time the last para pretty much sums it up

//Shame you had to turn it into Republican bashing exercise//

It's the MAGA Republicans (of which Johnson is one) that have been preventing the Bill being passed. That's not bashing anyone, it's simply a fact.

Johnson's position was that he wouldn't allow it to even be voted on. That has changed and the vote will happen on Saturday. It still may not pass.

I don't know why he's changed his mind, but it's good news that he has.


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Yesterday for the first time a Ukrainian missile, most likely an SA-5, took out a russian Tu-22 BACKFIRE long range bomber. Very good news. These things have been launching missiles at mainly S Ukraine for months.

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Now Johnson goes from zero to hero 

Shame about the timing but a lot of Republicans seem to have woken up: they may have got on the wrong side of the unspeakable Marjorie Taylor Greene and co, but they are on the right side of history. 

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The Worm That Turned?

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