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I'm sure the advice was gratefully received.

If they won't heed the Americans they're not going to listen to our Foreign Secretary.

It seems fairly obvious that Netanyahu will do what suits him, in his desire to retain power, irrespective of whatever the effects might be for his country and the region, and irrespective of whatever is said by other world leaders, but does that just mean we should not attempt to have some influence?

The response from Mr Netanyahu is clear - butt out.

He is a war monger and he sees his route to continued power is a reputation for 'defending' Israel, by escalating the chance of violence on another front. 

But yes, the FS had to try an influence him, however pointlessly, because to fail to do so is to abdicate responsibility as the representative of an interested party. 

ok. then let him do without all the aid we and the USA give them if he thinks we are uninvolved. 

this horrible man has to be told no. israel cannot be allowed to drag the west into yet another debilitating regional war. if they take this much further they will very soon be requesting the americans to bail them out and then the americans will tell us to come along too. absolutely effing not. Nobody other than Israel's government wants war with Iran. 

I wonder what "Call me Dave" reaction would be if 300 missiles had been lobbed at the UK?

Probably "I have in my hand a piece of paper....."

This is nothing of the sort: Cameron was right to speak to the Israeli PM, and the Israeli PM made the only response he could have: "Israei makes its own decisions" and quite right. That doesn't make him a "warmonger" necessarily much as I dislike the man. Now they have predictably and correctly hit back, in limited fashion. Who is to say that Israel's "decision" was not influenced" by the advice of Cameron and others.

Ich - Saying Israel - meaning him - will make its own decisions doesn't make him a war mongering, it's the decisions he makes that do that.

I don't think he is a warmonger. But the point I was making was the one about what he said after the Cameron visit. You'd hardly expect him, or anyone else,  to say anything different.

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"Bog Off And M Y O B Dave"

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