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The World's Biggest Election

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naomi24 | 10:07 Tue 16th Apr 2024 | News
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India is holding the largest democratic exercise ever with nearly one billion - almost one in eight people in the world - eligible to vote.   The grid is quite mind-blogging in that it illustrates that the populations of the UK, France, Japan, Russia, Brazil and the US combined are equivalent to the number of voters in India.


A truly mammoth task.  Hope they're good counters!



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Modi is a nasty piece of work indeed. it would be great if he loses but tragically he won't. 

thought that said erection !

need to go to specsavers lol

Some words are hard on the eyes, johnny.

Do the Dalits get to vote ?

I think they vote electronically so counting will be automatic.

Too many Indians doing the horizontal tango.

Sadly India is increasingly a democracy in name only

Seems reasonably democratic to me, it's not an easy task with 1.4Bn people.


Modi is increasingly autocratic 

don't they practic birth or sterilisation control in india...i think they should and enforce it.

//Modi is increasingly autocratic//

Yes, but voted in so one has to take it that the people want this sort of rule.  We have to remember our way of life in the West doesnt work across the Globe and indeed has many problems of its own.


//don't they practic birth or sterilisation control in india.//



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The World's Biggest Election

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