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New Pompei Excavations

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Rosetta | 09:12 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | News
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Will you be watching this programme?




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Probably not, but thanks for the link, it is indeed fascinating what's being revealed.

Probably - but on Today this morning an 'expert' was quoted as saying that 'a rich man probably lived there'.  Hope the programme manages a  bit better than that!

They're pretty smart, these experts 😁   😁   😁   😁   😁   

They always remind me of Basil Fawlty's remark,"And now on Mastermind we have Mrs Fawlty whose Specialist Subject is Stating the Bleeding Obvious"

interesting place, i went there to see the roman amphitheatre that pink floyd played in 72, not many artists are allowed to play there for obvious reasons..

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In the report, if I read it correctly , was that some of the human remains may have been imprisoned slaves of a rich owner. I am surprised that that didn't gain more interest

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New Pompei Excavations

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