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retrocop | 19:22 Wed 10th Apr 2024 | News
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You can run but you can't hide. The

Israelis appear to have more intell than their protagonists. 

Oh dear. Keep it coming IDF. Perhaps Hamas will surrender hostages but there is plenty more in the shot locker.



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Excellent news.  Hamas need to be eradicated, root and branch.

Seems like he's happy to spill anyones blood except his own,what a coward he can not fight for his cause in doha.

Children don't always follow the path of their parents.

If they were innocent are their deaths a matter for gloating?

three men killed, and their children - would you like a public holiday to celebrate, perhaps? Or would a street party suffice?

^^       ^^

Well they were dancing in the streets of gaza on october 7th.

If their intelligence was better they could have got all three without the children.

I know I run the risk of being cast as a wet leftie by The Gang but that's a chance I'm willing to take.

This old bastrad didnt seem to give a damn about the Jewish children murdered by his terrorists on 7th October,perhaps he will feel the same as what these Jewish childrens parents and grand-parents felt like.A pure evil bastrad.

I'm sure I heard it  reported that the Hamas leader has said that his kin are no more precious than any other Palestinian lives.  Absolutely certain I heard that today, but  I'm sorry I can't be precise.

Of course it is as Allah wills.

hamas leader probably has a few wives and x number of children, and why were they there and not at home with him.

If the IDFs intell is so superb, how did they accidently murder 3 British aid workers ?

Question Author

Fog of War old chap and some incompetence.

A mere hop, skip and jump from 'I was only obeying orders'.

Can't think where I've seen that before.

the grandchildren were aged 4 8 and 10... i understand taking out the guy's sons but i cannot celebrate killing children

//I thank God for this honor that He bestowed upon us through the martyrdom of my three sons and grandchildren//


And that's the mentality we're dealing with.

If not already Hamas the sons & grandchildren were Hamas in the making. Israel wants to destroy Hamas... 


\\If the IDFs intell is so superb, how did they accidently murder 3 British aid workers ?//

Not aid workers, ex soldiers and special forces working for a private secuity company.

//the three Haniyeh brothers as it described them as members of Hamas’s military wing.//

The Israelis were always fans if collective punishment.   The first thing they did after a suicide bomb attack was to go and demolish the home of the bombers family.

I guess their thinking is those who engage in act of resistance will bring down Israeli wrath on their families too.

Well,perhaps if the suicide bomber didnt go out suicide bombing then there would be no revenge attack on their families homes."If these terrorists loved their own families more than they hate the Jews."

I find it odd that, in the midst of war, where we're told the people of Gaza are starving and under constant attack, that people take their children visiting.   Not really relevant to the conversation, just an observation.

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