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Chemical Attacker's Funeral

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Neveracrossword | 09:44 Mon 01st Apr 2024 | News
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I can't do links, and I saw this in the Times which has a paywall anyway...

'The charity that arranged for Abdul Ezedi's burial could face sanctions from the regulator after it used a false name to raise money for the service'.  The charity used 'Abdul Wahed' and said he 'died tragically in suspicious circumstances'. 

This is shocking, I feel. I expect other papers have the same story, so someone else might provide a link.



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I think I read that on yahoo news. Will try to find the link from yesterday.

Naomi beat me to itπŸ‘

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Thanks, Naomi. It's a pretty big - and awful - story, certainly worth discussing.

If he claimed to have converted to Christianity, why was his burial a Muslim one ?


Will St.Peter now refuse him entry through the Golden Gates and awaiting virgins?

//If he claimed to have converted to Christianity, why was his burial a Muslim one ?//


Because he was lying like the rest of them who claim the same thing in order to stay here.  None of them expect to meet St Peter.

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Chemical Attacker's Funeral

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