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Archbishops Of Canterbury And York Urge Caution On Extremism Redefinition

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naomi24 | 13:54 Wed 13th Mar 2024 | News
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//The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have criticised Michael Gove's planned redefinition of extremism.

Justin Welby and Stephen Cottrell said the response to what Rishi Sunak has called a shocking rise in extremism, "risks vilifying the wrong people" and creating "more division".

The pair added it threatened freedom of speech and worship.

A government spokeswoman said it would ensure no "extremist organisations or individuals" were given a platform.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Mr Welby said extremism happened in all faiths and was always changing.

"It's a general principle that extremism is a shapeshifter," he said. "It's always moving around and changing itself, and it happens in all sorts of faith groups and it is a very dangerous problem indeed."

He noted the rise in antisemitism and Islamaphobic behaviour and the fear within those communities, and agreed that extremism was a problem that needed to be addressed.//


//it happens in all sorts of faith groups//


Not entirely sure where's he's been looking but that aside, should meddling priests cease meddling and allow the government to get on with what needs to be done?



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Isn't it part of their role to speak truth unto power?

They can be ignored in the Commons.


But such change does need careful consideration, as do all legal changes. We don't need recalls and continual patches. But surely parliament are capable of that.

Yes.  Someone should tell them they are not members of our government and until they are to keep their noses out.

The CoE is political and the AB of C os the worst of the lot.

As OG says though, need to be careful, we dont want women standing up for their hard won rights to be classed as extremist would be?  And lets face it some Judges would probably do just that.

I left our P.C.C. a few years ago because of a political stance by the A of C.  I have since rejoined , but I do not support all the attitudes of the top brass.

My concern now is purely parochial and doing my best to support our little, ancient church, a worthwhile local homelessness/food bank organisation and the people of our village.  

I  know that this is pretty general amongst the 'feet on the ground' people around. It is a difficult position to maintain & I do which the AofC would shut up occasionally.

damn savages...

Do you mean me, davebro?

no - the clergy!

I don't think unelected religionists should have any influence on anything other than their followers.

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Archbishops Of Canterbury And York Urge Caution On Extremism Redefinition

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