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gulliver1 | 11:51 Mon 04th Mar 2024 | News
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Labour says unemployed youngsters who can work will HAVE to work. as there will no more option of life on Benefits .I agree. They have had it too easy for the last fourteen years under the Tories....Bring it on..



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Why lumber the armed forces with them. Because they would knock them into shape in no time at all. Get the riff raff of the street and knock some sense into them before it gets even worse
19:41 Mon 04th Mar 2024
Question Author

New figures show that under this Tory Govt there are 850,000 young people between the age of 16-25 not in education, employment or training --an increase of 20,000 in one year.

Shifted to the right have they ?

No wonder both are referred to as the "uniparty".

And no one can disagree with that, can they?

Are there jobs available for so many?

I'd guess youngsters would mostly be unskilled.  What work could they do?

Funny how they always vote against anything the government does in this area. Anyway good news that Labour are no longer the friends of work shy scum. I look forward to them implementing this policy.

sandy - // What work could they do? //

A crash course in filling in pot holes will be a good start!

It's labour who made it easy for people to stay on benefits rather than work, and no government has had the guts to change this.

Question Author

Since this lot were elected in 2019 the figure for unemployed youngsters has risen by 62,000.

Mostly [email protected] well they might be after after being paid to stop at home for months/ years.

In Thatcher's time was it easier for middle aged unemployed people to go onto sickness benefits, reducing the numbers of unemployed?

the soviet union had a similar policy... "whoever shall not work shall not eat"... they referred to the unemployed as "social parasites" and compelled them to work... 

it was a terrible policy that caused a great deal of misery... the reason that so many young people don't work is that they do not have good reason to be optimistic about their future... even jobs with average or above average pay do not provide enough to meaningfully save for a home when both  prices and cost of living are so high... without the prospect of owning a home one cannot really plan to raise a family because it is unaffordable. so why bother working? i think that is a reasonable question to ask 

if we want young people to work then working needs to be worth it... we also need to urgently address the quality of education available to them because even acquiring the skills necessary for a good job is something that the average young person does not have the opportunity to do... only the truly exceptional or the wealthy can, and that is not good enough

compelling people to work when they don't have a reason to and don't have the skills is a mad idea. utterly stupid and typical of labour's floundering... jeremy corbyn's plan for a national education service and mass house building was far superior and imo stood a much better chance of solving the problem!!

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  These youngsters will have to work when Labour take over later this year because there will no taxpayers money left to keep the after.... the Tories have done their final milking.

11.03 Very good example of stupid ideas from the cons over the years.

Question Author

Cashier 11.01 Who has been in power for the last 14 years ??

of course on further investigation the idea has come from liz kendall... a woman who is barely in the closet about being a tory. what a shoddy direction labour has gone in

11:08, so you think they should just be allowed to leach of the rest of us? in leu of the world not paying up on the living it owes them?  Perhaps compelling them to work will initiate a change in attitude. They may strive for a better job, get educated, who knows. As now they have no incentive to get off their Aprils and you seem to think that it's ok they absorb resources and contribute nothing. They even get the vote so guess who they vote for? The most work shy scum friendly party they can find. I applaud Labour for this policy.

//the soviet union had a similar policy... "whoever shall not work shall not eat"... they referred to the unemployed as "social parasites" and compelled them to work... // - finally I find something good from the Soviet Union.

Maybe shutting down Homes Under The Hammer which encourages the worst types to amass a 'portfolio' leading to them being slum landlords inflating rents to price the young out of even that market would be a start.

Oh, and revive the YTS programme that went so well first time around.

Gulliver. Wasn't there a Government that left a note to the incoming one that "there's no money left'. Just saying. 

Question Author

This very badly managed Tory Govt should have worked it out. The tax payer can not support all these unemployed youngsters and the millions of immigrants, and the Tory Crony Club, It's got to reach breaking point eventually.

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