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jno - He said, quote, "Are you an Israeli? I don't debate with Israelis .. I was misled." And he walked out.To refuse to debate with someone purely on the basis of their ethnicity is, in my view, racist. 
20:37 Sat 02nd Mar 2024

He is a pernicious specimen but this is no surprise



I pity the voters of Rochdale. Hopefully he will be their MP for only a very short time.

Pretty standard stuff for your terrorist loving left.

"I pity the voters of Rochdale."

I don't. Most of them stayed at home or voted for him: it's their fault 

They were stuck between a rock and hard place due to Labour disowning their candidate who they shouldn't even have selected in the first place.

Forgot to add, I worked between Israel and Egypt back in the 80s and none of the Egyptians I worked with wanted them in their country even then.  These were a mix of Muslims and Christians.

sorry wrong thread

He doesn't debate with Israeli students but he makes friends with Islamist terrorists.  What a despicable little man he is.

He is a Jew-hating, terrorist loving, Saddam fawning scumbag of the highest order.


Hopefully he'll be ousted at the GE. 

Cat-like reflexes though. 🐱

"They were stuck between a rock and hard place due to Labour disowning their candidate who they shouldn't even have selected in the first place."

Not really: they had 10 other candidates to choose from. I agree tho that for some it is easy to fall for the talk.

I've seen footage of him being asked for his opinion of the Hamas attack on 7th October, but is it known if he has ever answered that question?

David Tully wanted to work for the benefit of Rochadale, Galloway wanted to work for the benefit of hamas.

And unsurprisingly he got elected.

A useful idiot.

he's a narcissist simple as that, does he really care about either side, i doubt it, just gives lip service, from his past speeches to now...odious troll of a man, bit like mosley and the guy who inspired him, im just waiting for him to incite islamists to go further... probably won't because he's a weed...

Will GG have candidates for all the seats at the next GE?If so,can he send one up to South Aberdeen.He/she cant be any more pro-Hamas terrorism than our present MP.

Since the proposition for the debate was - 'Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank' - how did Mr Galloway imagine the debate was not going to involve someone putting forward the israeli position?

And since he advises that he 'does not 'recognise Israel, that makes his ability to speak on the subject of their actions nul and void.

So how can he claim he was 'misled' because the gentleman addressing the debate first is an Israeli?

Yes, that gave him an excuse to flouce out, no doubt retaining his fee - but as I pointed out, the premise of the situation should have rendered him umable to attend in the first place.

I'm sure Mr Gallowy has not got where he is today by actually being a moronic idiot, but clearly, as on this occasion, that in no way prevents him from behaving like one.

If I as an atheist, was invited to a debate about 'The moral authority of God', I would declare myself uable to attend and argue reasonably, since my absence of belief in God makes the proposition meaningless to me.

Mr Galloway has managed a double whammy - he has avoided the tiresome task of justfying his unwavering support for a terrorist organisation, and he has gained publicity for himself personally, surely a major reason why he is in poilitics in the first place.

And I bet they laid on dinner for him first!

Actually webbo, it's not that Mr Galloway 'dislikes Israelis', rather that in his mind, they don't actually exist.

I think he also dislikes the nationalists in the SNP.I dont know why,his wee nutjob party and the SNP nutjob party.Are both these nutjobs of a party much of a muchness?

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