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Dad Of Brianna Ghey Murderer Jailed After Admitting Sex Offences

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naomi24 | 13:25 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | News
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No.  The offences were committed shortly before the murder trial started.



Question Author

//The court heard he has previous past convictions for similar offences.//


Is this a version of the bad blood theory?

The apple rarely falls far from the tree.

//No.  The offences were committed shortly before the murder trial started./

Well the offence he was caught for...

Who knows if it affected him or even if he knew what his old fella was like?

No, and what a nasty thing to insinuate about a teenaged murder victim.

Question Author

He has previous convictions.

Question Author

Moss, he's the father of one of the murderers - not of the victim.

This time of year my apples come from Canada.

That, like the OP is a bit of a stretch.

Question Author

Mozz - sorry.

My apologies Naomi, I completely misread the thread title.

Question Author

Mozz, frankly I'm appalled by your original suggestion - but thank you for the apology. 

oops, Jumped in a bit quick there Mozz me old china!

Yep clearly a wrongun.

12:52. I did think it was unlike you Naomi. We often disagree, but I've never known you to be cruel.


13:05. Unlike some others I can name on this site Tora, I'm adult enough to hold my hands up when I've made a mistake, and Naomi was gracious enough to accept my apologies.

Likely didn't help, likely to have effected the environment he grew up in.

//Could this go someway to explaining his son's warped mentality?//

Yes, I believe so.

I think you will find that a lot of offenders come from homes that are not exactly normal lawful homes, not all, but some.

I wonder if the girl who was convicted comes from a similar background.

Oh and by the way, I would have locked that piece of scum up for a lot longer than that.

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Dad Of Brianna Ghey Murderer Jailed After Admitting Sex Offences

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