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R I P Dave Myers

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Ken4155 | 11:16 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | News
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Sadly, Dave Myers has lost his battle with cancer and has passed away, aged 66.



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Sorry to hear but no idea who he was.

Ahh.  He was a nice man.   Farewell Hairy Biker.

Question Author

If his name doesn't ring a bell, he was one half of the Hairy Bikers.

On no.  We were only watching him on catch up last night.  We really enjoy the Hairy Bikers.


That's sad news.  RIP Dave.

The statement issued by Si King was very touching indeed.

Question Author

Thanks for the link, Naomi.

The Hairy Bikers was one of only two 'cookery' programmes i would watch. The other being any that Hugh Fernley Whittingstall fronted. 

It is, Barmaid.  Brought a tear to my eye.  

Yes very sad, I'm more and more convinced thats its about time we had serious look into what we are eating and drinking because I believe thats where the main problem is. Tackle the cause, not the treatment. We raise and spend billions on finding treatments but zero on the cause.

While I wasn't a Hairy Bikers fan, this is still sad news. I thought he was doing OK.

I thought he was recovering, very saddened by this news, he seemed such a genuine, nice, unassuming man.


Oh no, I thought he had recovered! I'm genuinely shocked! : (

R.I.P. Dave, I've found myself shedding a tear, especially when reading Si King's words. 

A friend of mine, same age from Barrow, knew him well. He has a signed book which has a few choice words.  - They didnt get on well!

Still, such a shame to go at such an early age.

Must say I'm genuinely shocked to hear this today. I've a couple of their books and always watched their shows. They were such good genuine friends and it showed. Really thought he was truly on the mend, he even said so recently when he got back on his bike : (

RIP Dave, you fought a good fight.

Not a fan (of any cooking shows). Can't quite get my head around the outpouring of grief when someone well known dies.

So sad to hear this. They were good to watch and seemed very close friends. He fought a long and brave battle. RIP Dave.

RIP Dave Myers. He died on Ainsley Harriot's birthday, which is quite a coincidence as it's on Ainsley's show that The Hairy Bikers got started ...

RIP Dave

Thanks for your enjoyable cookery shows, that were full of your enthusiastic approach to food and life.

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R I P Dave Myers

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