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Can Someone Tell Me How This Can Be Legal?

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youngmafbog | 14:58 Wed 28th Feb 2024 | News
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And would it be ok for a white only or Brown only audience?

Sounds more like segregation to me, I thought we had move on from that.



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I sincerely hope they only sell tickets for those two nights and play to an empty theatre for the rest of the run.

I saw that and my first rather frivolous thought was 'black identifying' means a white person can go as long as they identify as black surely? Just as people can identify as cats, a member of the opposite sex or for that matter whatever they want to identify as even if they don't look like it.

Awkward if a mixed race couple want to see it.


White's can still go it seems....

"But on the evenings of 17 July and 17 September, the theatre will be open to an 'all-Black identifying audience'.  "

Just identify as black, slap on some cherry Blossom and you're in!  Radio Rental!

yes I know there should not be an apostrophie above.

Question Author

I thought that too Barry.

Seems such a shame as I thought the country was making good headway into racial integration.  Yes I know still a way to go but this just puts it back as the extremists will leap on it.

I am trying to view this from another angle.  I understand the play is about difficult and sensitive matters concerning race.

Would it be acceptable for a theatre to adopt the same policy if the subject matter was difficult and sensitive topics concerning young women? Would it be acceptable to have two nights of a long run where women could watch the play free of the male gaze? 

It doesn't sit right with me overall.


It's a way to get free advertising  the play, though

Question Author

I guess when you exclude 81.7% of the population you need all the advertising you can get.


That 81.7% can go on any night of the three month run bar two. 

After that I wouldn't go if they paid me.  People like them create racism.

Question Author

They can Barry but I'm sure being excluded like that will stop many.

It is racism pure and simple, however they try and sell it. you prove that you're "black identifying"? Go dressed as Ali G?

Question Author

I think then you would be accused of cultural appropiation.

Mind you Beyonce seems to have gone very white to break into Country.  

Black plays matter.

I know it's off topic but youngmafbog comment got me thinking.  If a man dresses as a woman, can't he be accused of female appropriation? Just a thought.


Question Author

No, females are now back of the queue.  Get with the times.

Anybody remember this thread when the same thing was happening?;

I think even Alastair Campbell wouldn't have dared spin as much as a few in the above thread were spinning in attempting (and failing) to show it wasn't discrimination to exclude white people.

The stuff they were coming out with was laughable. 

I wonder if Meghan or Lineker would be allowed in?Both claim to be victims of racism,both are whiter than a Eskimos elbow.

Sounds racist to me so has surely to be covered by anti-racist law.

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Can Someone Tell Me How This Can Be Legal?

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