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Robert Jenrick Tells It Like It Is.

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webbo3 | 12:00 Sat 24th Feb 2024 | News
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is this a lecture about how to paint over Mickey Mouse murals? I must watch it sometime.

 Immigration was the main reason that people voted Brexit      I don't care how many dyed in the wool Brexiteers tell me I am wrong .Stop and ask any Joe Bloggs in the street and he will agree with me.Brexit hasn't worked for immigration and what Robert Jenrick is talking about is what the Brexiteers have brought on themselves.

jno, it isn't about that .... and gulliver, it isn't about that either.  Mr Jenrick is absolutely right - but he's the only one with the courage to say it.  

Naomi 12.03  "and gulliver, it isn't about that either" ....Oh yes it is. 

It is all about that!... and well you know it .   

Immigration was a reason, but the bigger issue (that included it) was sovereignty, and the right to manage issues as if we were an independent nation rather than an area dictated to be an unelected foreign elite. It is simply spinning the facts to claim it was all about immigration, but feel free to deny reality, it is your right.

.. to by an...

Gulliver,  Brexit affected Europeans. Mr Jenrick is talking about Islamist extremists.   As a general rule they are not Europeans.   All this time and you still haven't  got your head around it.  Have another little think.  

... or better still, Gulliver, a big think.

Naomi 13,51 Can you please refrain from acting like a Tory MP and trying to wriggle out of an answer. Immigrants are Immigrants whether they come from the EU or Timbuktu The average man in the street voted Brexit because Boris said Lets take back control of our borders and Brexit has not done that has it Naomi .Now You try to get your head around it and "Have another little think.

...or better still Naomi ,a big think.

again gulli, trying by the backdoor about brexit, your weird mate, send another letter to boris, tell him your sorry, and that you really do love him and brexit...put kisses

He doesn't understand, fender. 

Fender 19.14 . "you're weird mate"..You call me weird. Fender. But  I'm at the tail end of the bell curve . Congratulations on you being at the front. OK.

So you're one end of the bell (curve) gulliver....I can see a joke there but will leave you to have a think about it

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Robert Jenrick Tells It Like It Is.

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