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Big Ben River To The Sea

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fender62 | 20:03 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | News
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the mob have won, police did nothing, if you did, you would get your collar felt.



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About time https:
02:23 Fri 23rd Feb 2024

//I'm not sure what the police could really do. Has a law been broken?//

Lesser deeds have been investigated by various Police authorities and described as hate crimes. The message is apparently meant to advocate Israel is to be jew free according to Islamic extremists.

Other than the police investigating a hate crime which I am sure they won't I suppose they could pursue the Civil Aviation Act. Shining laser beams to the danger of passing Hot Air balloon pilots.

Amendment to that^.  I agree apart from I do think it's also about what was said.  That message is about the total annihilation of Israel.

^Re:  my post at 09:55.

One good thing here is that you can be sure the security services are present and noting down individuals. 

Current day technologies will even allow them to identify the masked up.  The files of thes people will grow by the day.

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Big Ben River To The Sea

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