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Is Looting A Form Of Self-Defence?

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Untitled | 10:38 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | News
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this report by an israeli magazines confirms that IDF soldiers frequently admit to looting the homes of palestinians forced to flee and that this is permitted by their commanders 

People took things — mugs, books, each one the souvenir that does it for him,” said one soldier, who admitted that he himself took a “souvenir” from one of the medical centers that the army occupied."

Is Israel being made safer by the looting of Palestinian homes?



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well, we know the general AB view of all this

flatten a few more public buildings ( with terrorists inside! ha!) and kill a few more children ( few more than 2000 that is! but so what they are all pre-terrorists in training) and that will guarantee Peace for the next 50 y

and I wish to state, nay swear, nay abjure that is nothing to do  with the excellent prime minister ( no, THAT one silly! Netanyahu) keeping in power - that wd be ( if I said it which I dont) rabidly anti-semitic

brrrr - PP shudders dramatically  - amid calls of " what you doin' dat for den? etc)

Well there wasnt 30,000+ dead, thats for sure,TCL.

well I am afraid the photo shows men playing with plastic counters - which is hardly looting, I think

well, my dears, the ;funniest looting story from 1945 is this:

When Warsaw fell, it later was blown up to walls av 3 1/2 " high. What did they do to the Palace? Raze that s well. So a German took the covering of the back of the last King's throne wiv lickle God ddink-donks on it. And he wrote of time and place

THEN an American GI was searching hem hem a German prisoner of war and recognised the material, and where it came from ( being polish american) so looted that !

you can see it now in Warsaw



sorry - so  it is OK if they are dead?

Is this mainstream AB showing, again ?  Lordy Lordy !

( Did anyone notice Rishi saying that last week? gasps and laughter - he is Hindu. I am sure someone in the cabinet office reads this)

Ho-hum Peter,ho-hum....

Looting is part of war.

It's human nature for soldiers to take anything from their enemy that they can, for psychological reasons - the need to 'possess' aspects of their enemies - and for purely practical reasons, items can be used by the looting forces.

It is permitted because it helps commanders build a positive image with their fighting forces, letting them indulge their natrual instincts to subjugate and possess, makes them more willing to obey orders.

Looting is part of war.

looting is a war crime chrissakes- you shoot them on the field of battle - except Gaza that is ! Jesus

Principle VI(b) of the 1950 Nuremberg Principles adopted by the International Law Commission provides that “plunder of public or private property” is a war crime.


It is permitted 

aaaaaaaargh - not that is not a looter being shot, nor ze leedol Mozzar when he heard a loud sound ( he screamed apparently) it  is PP, tryinng turn back the tide of er AB

it is nt permitted - that is why they shoot them ( er elsewhere). God talk about apologist for IDF

christ Unitltt;ed you have am uphill task there - I dont envy you

Christ on a bike,Peter.(Okay,i hear the rattle of pots and pans),but i cant make head nor tail of your postings.Are you for the Palestinian terrorists,are you for the Israelis?God knows.

Peter - // 

Looting is part of war.

looting is a war crime chrissakes- you shoot them on the field of battle - except Gaza that is ! Jesus //

Firstly, can you please dial down your profanity, it upsets some AB'ers, and it's not necessary to make your point.

Secondly, I am aware that looting is a war crime, I did not suggest otherwise.

If I posted on a thread that someone was shot, would you feel it necessary to follow up by telling me that guns kill people?

Stating the obvious is not necessary, and neither is the unpleasant way you do it.

I expect, rather than being to do with self defence, it's more a case of a conquering army considering looting & pillaging as perks. It ain't right, but it's unsurprising.

Hamas looters "little souveniers" report following. Warning! Not for the hand wringers or faint hearted. 

""Israel released an initial report Wednesday into sexual violence committed by Hamas during the October 7 terror attack. The report, compiled by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel (ARCCI), was carefully compiled from eyewitness testimonies and the available forensic evidence. As Breitbart News reported in November, accusations of rape, sexual assault, and other acts of sexual violence were initially difficult to compile because Israeli authorities were focused on stopping the Hamas attack. However, in the weeks that followed, eyewitnesses began to come forward and to describe sexual violence, much of it deeply sadistic, against both women and men, both during the October 7 attack and against Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. The new report describes horrific atrocities, including gang rape; the mutilation of female and male genitals; the physical and psychological torture of rape victims; and evidence that relatives and friends of victims were forced to watch these sexual assaults.
The report states: Hamas’s attack included violent acts of rape, accompanied by threats with weapons, and in some cases targeted towards injured women. Many of the rapes were carried out as a group, with the participation of violent terrorists. Often, the rape was perpetrated in front of an audience – partners, family, or friends – in a manner intended to increase the pain and humiliation of all present. Hamas terrorists hunted young women and men who fled the Nova festival, and according to testimonies, dragged them by their hair amid screams. The actions targeted women, girls, and men. In most cases, the victims were killed after or even during the rape.  A series of testimonies, interviews, and additional sources attest that Hamas terrorists employed sadistic practices aimed at intensifying the degree of humiliation and terror inherent in sexual violence. Many of the bodies of sexual crime victims were found bound and shackled. The genitals of both women and men were brutally mutilated, and sometimes weapons were inserted into them. The terrorists did not stop at shooting; they also cut and mutilated sexual organs and other body parts with knives.

This report is the result of an initial examination of all the public and classified information, interviews, and testimonies that can be revealed at this time, which will likely increase with time. The report clearly demonstrates that sexual abuse was not an isolated incident or sporadic cases but rather a clear operational strategy.//


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Is Looting A Form Of Self-Defence?

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