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I was just reading about that.  Absolutely appalling.

If someone scribbled out "Israel" as a protest, it's odd the same wasn't done to the mother's details.

How would it be proven when it happened?

find out who did it & sack them

Very sad, this is Britain in 2024, not Germany in 1938.  Sick.

Question Author

//How would it be proven when it happened?//

Well if the certificate was sent in ok, then received back in a sealed envelope (so it wasant Pat) then it must have been the Home Office.  Who in there is a different matter as its full of people who would likely do this.

Question Author

//scribbled out "Israel" as a protest//

Hmm, bit more than that.  We should learn from the 1930's, appeasment is not an option.

How could it be established it was not damaged after being received by the parents?

The Mail is saying the man's first name is Israel meaning, "Israel" appears on the certificate three times.

It seems odd to me that two other instances of, "Israel" were left alone.

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Oh, an accident then.



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