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They Just Can't Help It Can They.

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gulliver1 | 18:38 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | News
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Tory Minister Maria Caulfield pocketed £8,000 pay off, then returned to the same job seven weeks later.She was removed from her Govt job when Truss became PM ,then she was re-appointed by Sunak when he grabbed the keys to no 10 ,seven weeks later. But she is  still keeping her £8,000 severance pay. ...Typical Con..



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So she was unpaid for 7 weeks then.  Those are the rules that apply. Will Keir abolish these severance payments do you think?

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I suppose This £8,000 was peanuts really when Boris and Truss  recieved £18,660 severence pay and of course £115,000 ex PMs pay for the rest of their life. Kwasi Kwarteng ,Truss's Chancellor who served a few days less than Truss because she sacked him to save her own neck also recieved £16.876 severence pay It's no wonder Sunak and Hunt can't lower income tax   before they get chucked out at the next General election which now looks like being held in May of this year.....Bring it on....

//When Boris and Truss  recieved £18,660 severence pay and of course £115,000 ex PMs pay for the rest of their life//

Wrong. Let's assume it's an ongoing misunderstanding not another fib.

They don't receive pay for the rest of their life. They can claim the up to £115000 public duty costs for necessary related office and secretarial costs. Just the same as Brown and Blair still receive. You did post complaining about that at the time..... didn't you?

Have you noticed Blair and Brown  claim more each year than Cameron, May and Truss did? And Boris didn't claim at all : "In 2022–23, Boris Johnson was eligible to claim PDCA after his resignation, though did not submit a claim to the Cabinet Office",%2Dduty%2Dcost%2Dallowance%2F

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Do these leaches get the severence pay whether they are sacked or resign.  Sorry in parliamentry terms "Asked to resign or removed  from office"

Doyoumean like Tony Blair's £300000  severance when he stood down as PM?

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They Just Can't Help It Can They.

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