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This Is Going To Have Brexiteers Spitting Blood

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Hymie | 21:49 Fri 09th Feb 2024 | News
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The EU standing up for UK workers rights


Whatever happened to Sovereignty?





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Lol, is some idiot on a British website really posting a Youtube vid from the world famous moron angry loser Femi, how embarrassing, seriously. 

Question Author

...information from the Torygraph no less !!!!!!

And you really listen to this utter moron?

Question Author

He reads the Torygraph.

You can do better than that Hymie

Do research on this Femi bloke Hymie.

Question Author

Spitting blood; or the usual Brexiteer response to reality deny it is happening.

Hymie - what do you hope to gain with your constant railing against Brexit? 

Looks like Femi is doing alright out of posting these video clips on the bad bits about Brexit as it looks like he has made over £3 million out of it so far.  A normal champagne leftie.

Can't be bothered with another anti-Brexit rant video, but if something breaks the "deal" then great, we can agree to sling it and get the chance to sort things properly. But first we need to replace our PM with an alternative that puts our nation's needs first and doesn't capitulate to unreasonable demands from the EU, or any other group or individual for that matter.

Question Author

Spiting blood; or they just make things up .....Femi (on youtube) has less than 20,000 subscribers, but has made more than £3 million out of it !!!!!!!

Here's a Remainer response: we chose to leave; no major party is going to try take us back; realistically we can't go back unless we accept penalty terms; so let's just vote for a government who will make the best of the situation and have an appropriate set of laws on employment and strikes.

There...we can look forwards not back.

Hymie as usual trying to twist an answer.  I didn't say he had made all his money on YouTube, in fact I didn't mention YouTube.  I said he has made around £3 million from his anti Brexit stance and hihs net worth is around the sum I put.

Question Author

If Femi Oluwole has made over £1 million in his entire life, then I’m a Pro-Brexiteer.


From Wikipedia:-

He was born in 1990 (now age 33), after university was an internee in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and human rights agencies (organisations not known for paying interns a fantastic wage).


At the age of 27 he left his traineeship and moved into his parents' loft to become a campaigner against Brexit.  He is currently employed by ‘Our Future Our Choice‘ (a British pro–European Union advocacy group for young people) as their spokes person (and is one of their founding members).


I very much doubt that during 6 years working for Our Future Our Choice, Femi has grossed more than £300k – it would not surprise me if Femi (the multimillionaire) was still living in his parents’ loft.


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This Is Going To Have Brexiteers Spitting Blood

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