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Dog Saved After Being Attacked By Coyotes

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wolf63 | 16:03 Thu 18th Jan 2024 | News
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The poor hound was just wandering around the garden when she was attacked by Coyotes.  But she was saved by her sister from another mother.  Cute news story.



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That's a feel good story...brave cat. And the other 2 big dogs...😉

Awsome,we had a cat that fought off a fox that was trying to get at our rabbit.

Just briliant thanks for posting Wolf.  You do dig them out don't you;-)

Question Author

LB and Pasta, it is nice to hear of happy stories about animals.

Fatalbert - (is that fat albert or fatal bert?)  cats continue to do things that surprise me. 

My brother saw a fox and a cat having a stand-off on a fence, the fox was twice the size of the cat but the cat wasn't going to back down.  The fox ran off.

Watching YouTube videos of cats attacking bears or alligators never gets old.  😁

You never want to get on the wrong side of a cat!

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roopower - but they look so cute.

My girl cat, Frankie's sister, bit the postman and a workman or two.  She was incredibly sweet and innocent-looking.


I saw the opposite on my back fence Wolf.  Fox and next door's cat with the fox going forwards and the cat was crouched down and going backwards being forced onto its own side of the fence.  I was so pleased as it only comes in my garden to poo and the guy who owns it doesn't give a toss and he knows I'm unable to clear it up myself.  Bloody cat!  

I'm guessing this won't get BA LOL.

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My brother's neighbour had a cat that used my brother's garden as a loo.  He tried all the things that are advertised to scare them away.  She used to just sit and stare at him, he eventually realised that it was a war he would never win.

I understand how annoying they can be and it is frustrating being out witted by 4kg of fur and teeth.😁

A put 7 years ago, my sister, who lives in Alberta, couldn't find her cat Joe. He was a tabby, such an adorable little guy. Never did find him. Neighbours said there was coyotes seen in the area. We often wonder if poor Joe was attacked by a couple of these hungry animals. So sad.

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Patsy, many people over in Canada and the US don't let their cats out for that reason. Not knowing what happened to Joe would be hard to deal with.

They are very anti outdoor cats in the US.

Wolf, where she lives, its quite a built up little community area. It's not like she's in the middle of nowhere. Joe wouldn't venture too far and would usually hang around the garden. It wasn't usual to see coyotes in her area but recently, they've been coming in closer to the neighbourhood, scavenging for food. I still think of him. My sister was heartbroken. She went on to get another cat, which she never lets out..

By the way, the family cat in the video is a little hero! So glad the little dog is on the mend. 😀

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Pasta, if my brain wasn't so tired I would think of a funny answer to your post.  There is usually someone on a cat-related post on FB saying that making your cat go outside on its own is cruel.  

Patsy, my cats were indoor cats as I live in a city centre.  I don't think that I will get another one.

they are smarter than the average Trump fan.😁



you just have to be firm with them, speak loudly and clearly in English they way you do with French peasants


For heaven's sake, that's not up in the Rockies somewhere, it's new England

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Dog Saved After Being Attacked By Coyotes

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