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Who Pays For Legal Teams For Defendants If Horizon Scandal?

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barney15c | 11:40 Sun 07th Jan 2024 | News
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If any PO employers are charged and tried  for involvement of the PO Horizon Scandal, who pays for their legal team, do the PO (ie us the tax payer). As this happened as long as 20 years ago so defendant's will have left the PO so do the PO fund their legal defence too?



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Are there still prosecutions taking place?

You mean the ex CEO and her underlings, not the sub-postmasters?

The last prosecutions happened nearly 9 years ago. We are at the "belatedly get all cross about it" stage 

The final prosecution of sub-postmasters was in 2015 but I think this post is referring to the possible prosecution of the CEO and other high ranking Post Office personnel responsible the wrongful prosecutions of the sub-postmasters.

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Sorry i should have made my question clearer, yes i am indeed referring to the CEO's and Executives of the PO and Fujitsu. Sorry for the confusion.

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Who Pays For Legal Teams For Defendants If Horizon Scandal?

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