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Prague Mass Shooter

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fender62 | 17:45 Thu 21st Dec 2023 | News
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disgruntled student or ex employee ? awful whatever it maybe, and just before xmas when students faculty etc going home for holidays ..some really nasty people in this world.



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We'll have to wait and see though speculation will be rife. As you say, terrible thing to happen at any time of year but particularly at Christmas.

There are some AB regulars who may jump to a conclusion other than the ones fender62 has suggested.

Please don't.

And avoid talking about "elephants in the room" becuase...


No idea what caused this, but yes - it means that for dozens of people - mothers, fathers, siblings, friends etc, Christmas from now on will be tainted.

A reminder that evil lives amongst us.

// And avoid talking about "elephants in the room" becuase... //

can you give us a precis, SP? that's locked behind a need to log in.

Question Author

it was a disgruntled student.. i don't get it, why hurt innocent people..

I can't open the link.  So annoying.

Disgruntled youngsters lacking the maturity to deal with disappointment/rejection can be very vengeful, and if access to firearms is easy then bloodshed inevitable.

...* the emotional maturity ...

You should be able read the link here,

Apologies - didn't realise that Reddit is locked.

Thanks TCL.

So many lives ruined and we mauy never know why (not that it makes any difference).

Christ on a bike, not three weeks ago I was having a beer close to where that shooter is. There but for the grace of god and all that (if you're daft enough to believe in a god).

My son was there yesterday.

More bloodshed. Awful.

Apparently killed his father earlier in the day.

Question Author

royfromaus, shooter must have been pretty ticked off even killing his father, maybe he told him to grow up...and get on with your life..who knows, sad for everyone.

Mental illness or no mental illness, he's in the right place now.

Doesn't get any better

//The gunman who unleashed terror on Prague is now suspected of shooting dead a man and his newborn baby in a 'random' attack at a forest near the Czech capital last week, police have revealed.//

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Prague Mass Shooter

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