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gulliver1 | 13:09 Tue 24th Oct 2023 | News
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Top Tory James Cleverly, spends £1million of tax payers money travelling the globe in private jets just like a pop star.£561 531 to attend the G7 meeting whilst stopping off and touring Papua New Guinea,the Solomon Islands,New Zealand and Indonesia Cleverly was Joined on this trip with 13 officials ..aka cronies..He also hired a vip jet usually used by popstars costing £422,747 to take him and eighteen officials,, take them on a tour of Caribbean and Latin America..........It's good being a Tory MP .By the look of it..






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Perhaps the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs and his team/civil servants should never set foot out of their office in London and see the Commonwealth or meet government and business leaders around the world.

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The private jet you hired for him is described as the best luxury private jet money can buy.With seperate zones for relaxation and dining as well as a lounge area with big screen TV and a master suite for the main vip ..which would be Cleverly himself, and large shower cubicle. No common RyanAir for him. Is he taking the p*** out of the taxpayer?

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The Labour shadow chancellor. Pledges to crack down on the use of private flights for ministers when they take over Downing St at the next GE,,I will treat taxpayers money with the same respect that taxpayers have to treat their own money..

Taking his lead from Sunak who is prone to travelling short distances in the UK by helicopter rather than train.

They Government was recently embarrassed into cancelling a £40M contract to provide Sunak with an helicopter to whisk him from photo opportunity to photo opportunity.

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Newmod 13.16 They haven't got to go on A Jolly of the Carribbean. Latin America ,New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Zealand Jamacia,Columbia Chile,and Brazil when the G7 meeting was in Japan

How about your friend Tony Blair who spent over £2 million pounds travelling in the year 2005 to 2006 or is that ok because he is Labour and don't forget 2 million 17 years ago was one hell of a lot back then.  

Sunak recently travelled by helicopter from London to the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

That was party business not Prime Minister business, so I am sure he didn't let the tax payers foot the bill  ;-}

Gromit, Labour's Raynor travels first class on trains and claims it on expenses saying she feels to afraid to travel second class.  Anyone can walk through the compartment so what is the difference.  Gulliver's reasoning is the same for many politicians so not worth going on about it nothing will change with any of them, whatever party they are in.

So Gromit, do you have evidence the public purse paid for Mr Sunaks chopper?

Or are you just s*** stirring without a shred of evidence as per?

I'm sure Mr Sunak would have no problem paying for a helicopter, not as if he is short of a bob or two earnt outside the public purse.

What an odd reply at 14:06, making up something I never said.

Note to self- not worth engaging with this gulliver1 in future

exactly, the sucker is a complete and utter waste of space, and i hope theshedman isnt expecting an answer because he wont get one, at least not one that makes any sense, all hell get is more garbage about the Conservatives that the sucker OP is obsessed with.

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YMB  14.52 "Do you have evidence the public purse paid for Mr Sunaks chopper" Not sure..., but the public certainly paid for Boris's Chopper over and over again.🤣

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Newmod 15,13. Feel free to ignore my posts .I can assure you I will not be in the least bit offended...OK.


says the silly little obsessed person that goes crying to the mods when he gets posts removed etc...

gulliver, you have no idea ( I could stop there but will continue). You refer to these trips as jollies, how about a less jaundiced view. This extended journey, probably to encourage trade, was carried out as a round trip instead of visiting each country individually, thus saving time and money. By the way, why have you changed the number of officials from thirteen to eighteen, was it to make the journey sound worse than the reality or could you not decide how many actually went? 

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Vulcan 10.42 "This extended journey was probably to encourage trade" Should have stayed in the EU where there was plenty of trade.    "By the way why have you changed the number of officals from thirteen to eighteen?"   ,,Thirteen on the first flight eighteen on the second......easy ain't it..

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