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If Anyone’s Having A Bad Day…

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sp1814 | 15:49 Wed 04th Oct 2023 | News
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Sidebar...I thought it was illegal to own carpets THAT nasty.



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//...I thought it was illegal to own carpets THAT nasty.//


Miaow  Miaow.  The cat is out the bag in another thread!

What's wrong with the carpet?

I'm not surprised these cameras are coming in for a pounding.  I bet money-grabbing Mr Khan isn't surprised either.

//Endorsing vandalism and the destruction of a ulez camera//

Well he sure as hell is not alone .Sutton, a  Surrey council, where I live was a council which was going to challenge Khan in the Courts. Every drinking establishment in Sutton has  or knows a blade runner or two.

Weeks  ago I heard Ian Duncan Smith saying something on the lines of 'more power to their elbows' re. people desteroying ULEZ cameras.

Question Author

I don't think it's understandable. It's as bad as those people who vandalise 5G towers. If you don't like a law, you shouldn't be able to break them.

I used to work in the City of London when Boris brough ULEZ in. I didn't like it, but would never have dreamt about breaking the law becuase of it.

I think that bloke has a screw well and truly lost!

I don't know what happened to him after his divorce but he is now an odious pillock

He needs an intervention, he is not a well man

Question Author

I didn't know he was divorced, so I looked it up.



Chris Evans.


That is all.

SP, this didn't happen when you were in the city because before Khan got greedy and twice expanded the zone, it only applied to central London.  Perhaps Khan should be charged with Highway Robbery because that's exactly what this is.

Spot on Naomi. Suddenly central London has expanded to 600 sq miles in the piggy eyes of Gengis including parts of the home counties.

Birmingham City is only about 40 sq. miles

I thought it was illegal to own carpets THAT mr.nice guy lets his mask slip.are the RNLI breaking the law bringing illegals ashore?

Could be an interesting case.  The problem plod will have is that with the timing it will be seen as another attempt to silence him so their evidence had better be solid.  I see plod managed to find enough coppers for arresting him, shame they wont help the shopkeepers.

Fox of course lost the plot a while back.  It's begining to look like he needs help not prosection.

As for the carpets, cant disagree with you there SP.  Horrid.

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If Anyone’s Having A Bad Day…

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