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Students Dumped For Migrants

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hessian | 14:10 Sat 02nd Sep 2023 | News
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What are the folk in Scotland, Wales & N Ireland saying about migrants being housed in their hotels?


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Quite a few been placed in luxury hotels*,(*not the Gleneagles or the Balmoral in Edinburgh),up here in Scotland.These geezers(and it is mostly male men)wont be going back to their original countries any time soon.
Not happy but not allowed to say so.
Students dumped out of their purpose built accommodation to permit migrant housing.
Local hotels in seaside resorts taken over by large groups of male-only adults.
Local people are not happy - but dare not say so.
//Not happy but not allowed to say so.//

//Local people are not happy - but dare not say so.//

Why not?
Perhaps because they will be accused of being racist nazis,perhaps,NJ.But you knew that already,didnt you?
Dare not say so? I'm tempted to delve into the lexicon o' Tora and go right off on one.

If nobody speaks out then the useless articles who allow this invasion to continue have won.
//But you knew that already,didnt you?//

No I didn't. I don't live in a country where people are (or should be) afraid to say things - especially when it relates to a matter that is, or should be, of national concern.

As douglas says, if nobody says anything anyone who can do something about it will believe it's alright - and it isn't. Anything that criticises the behaviour of foreigners is bound to attract accusations of racism. That's something else that must be spoken about and not silenced.

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Students Dumped For Migrants

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