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Clarkson Gutted. Poor Man Discovers He's Not Getting What He Deserves?

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Atheist | 18:58 Mon 03rd Apr 2023 | News
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He won't want for a steak for a while though.
Question Author
Anyway, he won't be as gutted as his pigs would be once they reached the abattoir (excuse the EUSSR lingo!).
He makes no bones about the fact that he’s a terrible farmer and it’s hard and expensive work. In fact he’s made a living out of his bad he is over the last few years.
*how bad he is
Nothing like sensationalism, atheist. He hasn’t failed to make his farm work out. You really don’t like him do you.
So he has sent 7 pigs to slaughter, something all animal farmers have to do.
Gosh, at least the man has feelings...and he's willing to admit it. I've no doubt many farmers have felt the same early on.
farming's hard work for a variety of reasons but few have a Sun column to fall back on.
No 1 rule of farming - don't get attached to your animals. He's just playing at being a farmer.
12.5 mln worth and that's just the farm - plus what Rupee Mirkydock pays him......
Buggger a sheep or lamb on those figures and, no doubt, many will duck under any involvement with the Big C,
Like him or loathe him. kudos to him for the genuine efforts that he’s made attempting to farm successfully. He has highlighted the trials and tribulations that farmers have to deal with on a daily basis.
Question Author
Pity we don't have a 'Worst Answer' box!!
You would be a frequent winner atheist.
zacsmaster comment at two minutes past seven hits nails on heads that is the entire point of the farm clarkson does diddly squat whilst caleb takes the bull that man they have who knows his law even he says the council are bullys and he is reputable in the industry
Say what you like about Clarkson but he knows the value of punctuation.
//but few have a Sun column to fall back on.//

As he said on Clarksons Farm. Try a bit harder.

//I haven't read all this guff, //

Well maybe you should next time then you would understand the story instead of just spewing your bile at what you thought it said.
Question Author
As Crocodile Dundee might have said "You call that bile?"
YMB, I didn't know you were so sensitive.
> I haven't read all this guff

Perhaps you should have read at least some of it, before you got the wrong end of the stick ...
A snowflake me :-)

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Clarkson Gutted. Poor Man Discovers He's Not Getting What He Deserves?

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