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Sounds as if she would be better off in a socialist party rather than a nationalist party.The Labour Party beckons Kate.Just as long as she isnt a Jew hater or an IRA apologist.
Decides to 'man up' for the first time and boots himself in the nuts.
If this is the shape of things to come management-wise it could be a short tenure.
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And now Shona Robison appointed as Deputy First Minister - things can only get worse. She is long time friend of Nicola Sturgeon and Mr.Yousaf's wife worked for her at one time. Jobs for the boys or girls?
New leader makes a reshuffle.
Losing candidate takes the hump and leaves.
Nothing to see here.
Doubt Labour would have here with her bonkers religious beliefs. Even the SNP members were put off by them and voted for a Muslim instead.
Loser taking the hump is natural innit?
Don't blame her. Hamza seems to me to be on a losing wicket.

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