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nicebloke1 | 15:48 Sun 12th Feb 2023 | News
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So is the British army up to fighting a war, even though many seem to think we are not.
I think yes we are. If anything, less can sometimes mean more.
Take the Russian army for example. Whats the point in having thousands upon thousands of men running around the front line not knowing how to fight, or what they are fighting for, only to be mowed down in their thousands, and return home in body bags.

If anything the Ukrainians have proven so far, that less, well trained men, ( many trained by the British army) can overcome numbers. Whats do you think?


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Valid point.
Anyway it's not about waging a war, but winning it. (As much as anyone wins in war that is.)
Question Author
Well OG, the waging war came from Putin, and I'm pretty sure he now knows that brawn can't win over brains. But he's gone that far now he can't back out, but will continue to send young and old to their deaths to save face.
I'm so upset about all those young Russians being killed. Never, in my view should any wars take place where civilians are called to war and forced to fight. And there sits Putin in his ivory tower!
Depends who you are fighting.... If they also had the latest technology, we might fall short if a conflict runs on , not able to fund it rather than fight it long term.
Question Author
Putin is handing out the death sentence too thousands of his own young Russians everyday MT, not to mention Ukrainian young men,children and women. He's been now doing it for 1year, and we are not doing enough to stop him. The west are dragging their feet.
Very true. It is better to have well trained troops than a lot of soldiers who do not know why they are fighting. Another point is that our forces are grossly under manned and funded and is the fault of ignorant politicians.
In my view there are only two options to end this war.
1 Putin backs down having been given an exit face save by the west.
2 The war escalates big time, with the rest of the world. Russia loses the fight, the war and their face.
Fighting a war is made easier when all around are supplying cutting-edge armaments on the never never.
I don’t think so no
Things did get tougher when the enemy changed from spears to guns.. but the British soldier is probably as good as if not better than most/all.
Every confidence they’d hold there own against any foe
Question Author
Putin might have/ had big ideas and dreams, but he can't control what eventually happens on the battle field. His winter war / fuel starvation appears also to be failing.
How long will he continue to flog a dead horse. The dead horse being his army, an army that don't understand what they are fighting for, don't want to be there, and most of all don't want to die for Putin's dreams.

If you have an army that's not focused, and have little motivation, or reason to fight, you've lost before you've even started. Putin himself must know this, but like many have said, there is no way out for him without humiliation, not to mention the war crimes he has committed. There will never be a way out of that charge.
The biggest motivation so far among the russians seems to have been the rivalry between their different armies: the "army proper", the Wagners and the Shoigu private army.
And the Kadyrovtsi as well, perhaps. Hopefully they'll take their war back to russia with rhem.
Yesterday was I believe the first day there have been no power outages in Ukraine, and there have been two consecutive days with full power in Kyiv, despite the most recent missile blitz.
Another failed tactic by the death cult.
In the Sunday Times at the weekend Michael Clarke was speculating that Putin might want to try to encircle Kyiv again.
I am not sure would be more deluded in that case: Putin, or the author for suggesting it.
Russians have been trying for seven months to encircle a town the size of Bakhmut. Even with their main invasion force in February and March they never got close to encircling the capital.
Question Author
Lets hope the different armies start shooting each other :0> Just another area that Putin can't control, however much money he throws their way.
This isn't about the British army really, is it?
I do think the British army has been taking the concept of "less is more" to extremes ...

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