Another Chance For Rishi To Shine?

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douglas9401 | 10:29 Mon 04th Jul 2022 | News
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He was everybody's mate with furlough, could he make a return to the top by reducing duty and/or tax on fuel?

Road fuel is cheaper on an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean than here, on an island with its own oilfields, what's wrong with this grasping, profiteering picture?


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I find it very strange that thousands of people are wasting scarce and expensive fuel to complain about the scarce and expensive fuel.
It's all part of the plan.
Remember how people used to scoff at the mention of the New World Order. Another conspiracy theory becomes reality.
There'll be nothing to scoff before this thing is over.
We will eat their 'bug meals' after all.
It’s gonna be a long summer of discontent….if we even get a summer.
The last cut was just swallowed up by the greedy retailers. It would be better to increase duty to discourage usage.
11:13 The US are moaning about $1.27 (£1.05) a Litre!
Plus get rid of the ridiculous green tax on household energy and cut vat on it.
Dunno. Do Atlantic islands buy from Russia ?
I strongly suspect the Treasury are happy with these high fuel prices since it is bringing in much higher tax receipts (even after the 5p giveaway).

This will help reduce the debt through squandered money in the plandemic and enable a 'tax giveaway' in 2024.

it's always worth bribing the electorate before an election, though not too long before, they may forget your munificence.

The main problem is identifying Peter so you can rob him to pay Paul.
// It would be better to increase duty to discourage usage. //

Some usage is necessary and unavoidable. Increase duty on transporting food will send inflation sky high.

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Another Chance For Rishi To Shine?

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