Should This Libdem Be Dissuaded From Wasting Police Time ?

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Gromit | 06:38 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | News
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// The Metropolitan police has been asked to consider allegations Prince Charles received €3m (£2.6m) in cash for his charities from a billionaire Qatari sheikh as part of the force’s so-called “cash-for-honours” investigation.
In a letter to the Met today, Baker wrote: “…a matter I suggest you may wish to consider as part of your ongoing criminal investigation.” //

Charles has not denied receiving the money.
The Sheikh has not denied giving it.
The claim it was for an honour is speculation.
Charles does not have the authority to bestow honours.
What exactly are the Met to investigate ?


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If it’s Norman Baker he’s probably wasted more police time in his day than most.
He was the author of the discredited conspiracy theory stuff about David Kelly and he crops up in a lot of places
//What exactly are the Met to investigate ?//

Probably not the Met so much but I'd like to know why Charles considers it is ok to by-pass AML processes in banks given its such a large amount of many. So probably the FCA more.
Lib Non Dem eejit wants to get on with convincing the public that they are a viable vote.
It won't be just Baker - thousands of Republic supporters will be on the same tack.
The LibDems ARE a waste of time.
I'm pretty sure if I was found out transacting a large amount of cash in a suitcase the financial authorites and maybe plod would be right on my case.

So why not for this self-righteous hypocritical prick? He will kill off the RF, and thats a good thing.

Succinct, bog. :-)
Regardless of whether the Prince physically had the cash or no, would the police not investigate potential money-laundering transactions?
Yes Corby, that is what I meant by AML above. Banking term for Anti Money Laundering.
Charles seems to have been meddling in a lot of things, to his own advantage

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Should This Libdem Be Dissuaded From Wasting Police Time ?

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