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Loan Or Discount?

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sp1814 | 16:21 Sun 10th Apr 2022 | News
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On Thursday’s Question Time, Tory MP Greg Hands called the £200 loan to offset fuel increases 'a discount', but we have to pay it back over (I think) four years...which makes it a loan surely?

Hands went onto justify it because it was “put on the price point, not the individual”.

He seemed adamant, so I wonder - perhaps he's right?

Or is it like when Johnson said that crime figures had fallen by 14% - just a statement that's the opposite of the truth?


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If you have to pay something back it's a loan.

A discount is something that there's no expectation on anyone to ever pay at any time under any circumstances.

It doesn't sound like a discount.
It won't be 200 quid in your hand. Your electricity provider will apply it to your bill
I do wish you could refuse it. I see it as a hassle, something I have to have which I don't want and must remember what I have to do with it. And I'll forget.
The £200 rebate will be applied to electricity accounts from October this year.

You can make an additional £200 payment to your electricity account now, while you mind on it or at a later date and that will take care of the £40 levies for the next five year.
A scheme designed by an idiot.

There will be a lot of poor people who will struggle to pay the increase in fuel bills. But instead this daft concoction of an idea will loan everyone, rich or poor £200. I think it is safe to say the increase for everyone will be more than £200 so the amount is far too low to begin with. So poor people will still go into debt, and people who can afford the rise will be saddled with a debt that they never wanted.
I really don’t see the point at all.
The repayment will be less than £1 a week per household.
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Loan Or Discount?

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