Is The End Of This Quasi Poll Tax In Sight?

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youngmafbog | 14:25 Sun 16th Jan 2022 | News
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Lets hope so.

A tax payer funded organisation should be totally impartial, and that applies both ways left and right. It really shouldn't be difficult, just report facts and dont opine anything.

But even so this method of funding is so wrong in this day and age.


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Hardly a poll tax as it's per house not per viewer. Seems a lot to pay for 80% repeats but hey...
Tricky one.
I heard an MP get up at PMQ the other day (after most of the Partygate fuss had died down) urging the PM to support some sort of Bill he was sponsoring about BBC funding and claiming that there is "no place for a state broadcasrer in this day and age"
It infuriares me when the BBC is called a "state broadcaster" (often curiously by the same people who brand it anti-British, which seems a bit of a contradiction.
Plainly the licence system needs reform, but I don't see how a public sevice broadcaster can be subscription funded - which was one option touted.
Didn't we have similar calls for a "public debate" on this several years ago?
What happened to that?

"Hardly a poll tax as it's per house not per viewer."

It is "per house" though, which is problematic.
Careful what you wish for. Have you ever seen US channels? It is no coincidence that streaming by Netflix and Amazon started in the US, it is they only way they can see any decent telly, by paying for it.

That is not to say the current funding model is ideal. It is out of date for the digital streaming era. They should put everything on a pay to view BBC channel first. After 12 months it goes on the free BBC channels. They should scrap S4C which is currently license fee funded.

“ They should put everything on a pay to view BBC channel”

You can’t find public service broadcasting like that
It is worrying that the people deciding the BBCs fate do not know the difference between a Public Service Broadcaster and a State Broadcaster.
The BBC already earns £millions from its commercial activities.
It should be run commercially properly not as a PBS. It should not be obligated to make minority interest programmes such as religious and polices. It should be set free to make the programmes it wants, to sell them on subscription here and with commercial partners oversees.
If the Government want a channel full of politicians talking *** it should set up its own channel and not expect the licence fee payer to fund them.
That of course is how the BBC is funded abroad which is unfortunately why BBC World is not available here.
I’d have no objection to some commercial funding at home but the minority interests so called must be catered for.
Channel 4 manages along those lines.

I agree with your “worrying” comment.
And I have to confidence whatever in Dorries. Foxes and henhouses spring to mind
// Channel 4 manages along those lines. //

S4C is now funded by the BBC. £75million to date.
In 2009 Channel 4 was due to receive money from the licence fee but Andy Burnham ditched the plan ahead of a review of all terrestrial broadcast funding. Labour lost 2010 election, so nothing changed.
" It really shouldn't be difficult, just report facts and dont opine anything. "

Surely not. As long as news and opinion are separated, something which alas doesn't happen with GB News fo the most part.
I can't think of any news presenter on the BBC who is overtly or even covertly political, whereas GB News, for example, has a plethora of presenters who are all too keen to let us know what they think. I personally find that irritating, whether from the left or right.
Still GB News wasn't set up for my benefit I realise.

Ich - Nick Robinson on Today.
Nick Robinson should go.
That wouldn't be my idea of "opining" anything.
Is GB News funded by the licence fee?
Whats it cost-43 pence a day.Well worth it for probably the best broadcasting tv company in the world.Let the Tories meddle with the Beeb at their peril.
GB news can do as they please.
I haven’t a problem with that.
But I don’t think personally that what they do do is all that good.
But I’m not sure I’d call them a “news channel” as such.
They do have Alistair Stewart on a Sunday tho so presumably they feel Sunday is more a time of reflection
I think the BBC is fantastic value for money for the entertainment output.

The news is a bit skewed to the left - you only have to listen to Nick Robinson or literally any reporting of Israel and Palestine to realise that, but I’m happy to ignore that for two words alone.

Peaky Blinders.
if i dont watch the bbc why should i have to pay for it because i have a tv set, i dont think it value for money when i have no choice, it really is antiquated in this day and age, make it subscription then you have choice, but they would fold as im sure most people would not pay.
The compulsory levy on owning a tv or radio receiver must stop. You have been paying for your own brainwashing to fund the cosseted lives of people who despise you.

""Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.""
George Orwell.

seems paying is the way forward - I enjoyed Lillyhammer but you gotto pay for it now.

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