Morrisons Sorry For 'Non-Eu Salt And Pepper' Chicken Label

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Roobaba | 16:38 Tue 02nd Nov 2021 | News
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Morrisons sorry for 'non-EU salt and pepper' chicken label

..and so they should be shame on them.


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Hecky thump!
Why apologize- there following the guidance

"According to government guidance on food labelling, the term "non-EU" must be used on meat packaging when full country information is unavailable.

From October next year, following post-Brexit rule changes, this will be replaced by "non-UK".
They have to print origins of things. That apart, I'd rush out and buy one on the strength of it - except that OH doesn't eat chicken and I wouldn't want to buy anything that someone had added salt and pepper to. Keep the lable, Morri's!
One customer doesn't realise that the UK is no longer part of the EU:

"One customer raised the issue of food miles, saying: "In other words, they get their S&P from somewhere further away, creating more impact on the climate."
from the article: "The label provoked an angry reaction on Twitter"
Says more about those wanting to be offended
//shame on them.//
Now I'm pepper grown anywhere in the eu...or in the UK for that matter.
BARRY, as the salt and pepper are neither from the UK nor the EU, is it not fair to claim they are, "from somewhere further away"?
Nothing brightens a day more than a Twitter storm.
Maybe the case thecorbeyloon but is there any salt and pepper production in the EU anyway? I dont know, am just wondering.
But at least the bulk of the product- the chicken - is UK rather than EU so that saves on food miles and probly a lot more so than any food miles for additives like S&P
Bless. The remainiacs are still smarting and a supermarket is rubbing salt in the wound. Love it. Change all the made in China stickers to "Not Made in EUSSR" forthwith.
How could you Bobbinwales? With a username like that you should know of Halen Mon.
Well, we produce sea salt down here in the West Country but I don't think we have the climate for pepper.
I do believe roobaba is serious. :o)
There's also Maldon sea salt from Essex.
looks like the remoaners are getting ever more sensitive. Never mind all the sour grapes still come from the EUSSR.
A long history of salt in Middlewich but only one works still remains.
I had a quick read of the guidance linked to in the article and it gives details of how to label meat products depending upon the country of origin and whether it's known or no.

It doesn't refer to ingredients, which the salt and pepper are, so I'm wondering if there's a bit confusion here.

Yes Togo but would there of been uproar from the same people at food miles if we'd imported salt and pepper from EU even though we could of got it from here at home.
Oh God, I wish people would stop apologising for really stupid things, all the time. Who the hell cares about 'salt and pepper' with all the things happening in the world today !!
We used to call em sad f*&@£"! Bob and point in the direction that they were intended to run, at one time. That is a hate crime now and they multiply and get even sadder.

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Morrisons Sorry For 'Non-Eu Salt And Pepper' Chicken Label

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