Looks Like Matt Hancock's Constituants Are Stuck With Him.

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andy-hughes | 17:21 Sat 16th Oct 2021 | News
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His 'UN Role' in dealing with ecconimic issues in Africa has been withdrawn.


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Pretty remiss of them. They should have read the rules before offering him the job.
Oh my. So embarrassing for him.
Question Author
anne - // Oh my. So embarrassing for him. //

Given Mr Hancock's recent behaviour, and the reaction to it, I doubt this will even register on his embarassment meter!!
His Constituents voted for him, if they aren't happy with being stuck with him they can vote differently next time.
I don’t see why it’s embarrassing for him. If a sitting MP can’t be offered the job, they made a mistake.
M, I think his ‘ circumstances’ were different when he was voted in .
Yes and they'll get a chance to change their vote if they wish.
I don't see why it was remiss of them: they can offer the job to anyone they like (though he was an odd choice). It was Hancock who was remiss in accepting it.
sorry, looks like it was the UN's own rule that was broken. Though I'm not sure that there shouldn't be a rule at this end too.
dealing with economic issues
eek !

taking moolah from the crown for political office ( paid as an MP to you and me) and that not surprisingly is not allowed
because they have enough corruption as it is ! - - ter daaah !
Do you know that his constituents don’t want to be stuck with him?
Question Author
naomi - // Do you know that his constituents don’t want to be stuck with him? //

It was just a light-hearted dig, for heaven's sake lighten up!!
Course it was.
Question Author
naomi - // Course it was. //

As usual, another instance of something for me to know, and you to post as though you know, when you don't know at all.

All's well then.
please andie - dont torment her
she has had a Very hard Day -I er believe

there is nothing wrong with a cheery: - yes naomi you are quite right again

I feel a bit sorry for Hanko - "no you cant - no moolah and we fear all sorts of political interference" - coming from a crowd of African and South American politicians ....

Past your bedtime, pp.
I was totally unaware of the UN offer, until it was withdrawn.
He is an MP so surely they were not expecting him to resign and cause a by-election.
Nothing to see here, move on….
Gordon Brown got a similar offer back in the day, but he'd already said he was going to resign as an MP.

The people of West Suffolk are the beneficiaries in all this because Hancock has affirmed his determination to serve them.

I recollect that some of Hancocks constituents became very rich by acasual acquaintance with him when multi-million pound contracts were being handed out willy-nilly.
Drinks all round at the ‘Cock Inn’ - you can’t make it up.
Yes I don't think he'd have been leaving his job as an MP.#
Not as embarrassing as "Hands, Face, Bottom" but although not his fault still a bit unfortunate.

I still can't get over the fact that Nadine Dorries has been appointed culture secretary.

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Looks Like Matt Hancock's Constituants Are Stuck With Him.

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