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"As a direct result of the protracted and debilitating process, Mr Vaz was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy for which he was hospitalised and for which he is still undergoing treatment..."

Sounds like he's trying to save face.
A bit like Priti Patel then.
Keith Vaz is vile, always has been and it's no secret.
In fairness, there are some nasties in politics full stop.

Or rather, end of.
Worth bearing in mind though Tora, he's an ex-Labour party member, so that's one less *** to worry about.
Mozz; you are quite right. Nasties everywhere; and nice people everywhere. Best not to spend your life seeking out nasties - it makes you a bit obsessive and boring.
Not so sure Atheist, if the nasties aren't called out, on all sides, they continue to get away with the nastiness.
David Lammy.
Boris seeming amused by 'that' phone call.
That’s been discussed before, wordy. Points for trying though.

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They've Got Some Nasties In Labour Haven't They?

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