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I did a 'search' for both RIP Boycie and RIP John Challis and both came up blank:-(
I just searched Boycie and got 10 results. Strange how you got none
And three for John Challis
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Barry, i first typed in Boycie and got one hit ; the one where he says Peckham is too posh. So i typed in RIP Boycie and got no hits, then RIP John Challis, and again got no hits.
I thought it strange that no-one had posted about his death. I actually expected it to have been TTT as he is OFAH-mad.
Question Author
And now i'm getting them all, apart from the one i've just posted?
Strange. Can't explain it, Ken
Ken, the fast rate at which celebs are dying these days, I think we need another category for it.
Anyway, no reason why folks can't comment on either or both ( it is both News and Media/TV )which is what I'm going to do.
R.I.P Boycie, you gave us laughs in one of my favourite programmes.
don't worry about it ken the search is appalling on this site, gawd knows who programmed it. There are a few nerds who get off on pointing out duplicate threads but ignore them. Yes I would have posted but I didn't realise he'd passed until I saw the post on here.
Sad to learn John Challis has passed away.R I P

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R I P 'Boycie'

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