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Electrochem | 19:35 Fri 09th Jul 2021 | News
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I appreciate that some people are addicted to football, but to say to parents that their kids don't have to be in school until 10:30 so they are not tired from watching the football is unbelievable.

Apart from the fact that some parents will have to arrange childcare, what does this teach adults and children about responsibility?

The school day is much shorter than it used to be and children need to catch up with their learning enough as it is already. Where do we stop? It seems to me that football is the only sport to get excited about.

On top of that, the scenes of supporters climbing on top of double decker buses shows how much respect some have for the property of others. I agree they are in the minority, but you don't tend to see it in other sports.

I also wonder how many will turn up for work on Monday morning, hungover, late or both. If I were an employer I would not be pleased.


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//I'm sure they'll all be delighted if Italy win// Just for the record, I won't. Nor will I be delighted if England win. Nor do I care if it's a draw and decided on penalties. As an aside, I've often thought that an entire competition such as this could be held in a single day (even with the daft "group" stages) by just deciding each tie on a penalty shoot out. I might...
13:24 Sat 10th Jul 2021
I'll bet there's many an employer who doesn't turn in on Monday morning.
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Ken4155 @ 19:40

Do you mean employee? If not, it's just as bad, if not worse if you meant employer.
We win a major football tournament about once every 55 years.
Don't be so miserable.
One day late starting school wont hurt
It's not been won yet !!
What a miserable post. Schools will be open as normal but registers will be kept open (not that schools are ‘childcare’).
What exactly is it that prevents the match from being played in the afternoon?
“Some schools will allow …”

That’s all.
It’s not compulsory.

I hope you also oppose a possible extra bank holiday too :-)
I agree with jackdaw - I don’t get why it needs to be played at 8pm (9pm for people in Italy) given it’s the weekend.

3pm would be a better kick-off time.

By 8pm many many people will be plastered.
“ By 8pm many many people will be plastered.”

There’s a simple answer there:
Don’t drink like an idiot
Set an example to the kids so you can get them to school safely next day … on time :-)
The whole thing is a bloody farce.

I've just watched the six o'clock so-called news. Seventeen minutes were devoted to the build up to a football match due to take place in two days time. All of it complete drivel (good job I'd recorded it and was able to skip through it). I saw pictures of Bobby Moore lifting the World Cup, pictures of Southgate missing a penalty in 1996. I even saw the "Hand of God" incident. I chucked away a twenty page Euro "souvenir pullout" from my paper this morning and still had ten or twelve pages in the main paper to ignore. One article was headed "See how England retained possession for 2m41secs". Underneath was a diagram with criss-crossed lines in different colours. Who reads this bilge?

Now we have calls for a Bank Holiday and kids are to be allowed to pitch up late for school. I'm afraid this country has lost its marbles and it needs to get a grip. This is the greatest episode of mass hysteria since the Princess of Wales died. In many respects its worse and I'm beginning to get seriously worried for the nation's sanity.
I agree NJ that it’s all nonsense. Much of it anyway.

However I fully understand the excitement and if it’s a one-off then I don’t see the problem.
The time has been set for months.

Schools will still be open but will simply not mark children as late that day.

It will make absolutely no difference to me; however I do see some value in letting everyone just chill a bit. We have had a horrid 16 months and just a little fun is no bad thing. It only happens once every 55 years so heck why not enjoy it?!
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Well said NewJudge @ 20:23
I couldn't agree more, NJ. Should England lose we will have a week of national mourning with flags at half mast. Ridiculous!
allowing for the odd late night sounds practical.

But giving every one a Boris Day off work? Like the economy isn't already in enough difficulty after Covid?
Apparently the extra BH would apply everywhere in the UK except .. Scotland.

I usually couldn't give a flying fig about football as I can't stand it but it's a once in a blue moon time for England so maybe just go with the flow. I'm sure many teachers will also welcome a later start.

Will you complain if we get a bank holiday should England win?
I already have, Tiggs!
What a load of something about very little. Much as I'd prefer it to be us in the final (no chance but can dream) England are there. The final was always set for 8pm, maybe for TV, maybe to avoid Wimbledon clash, maybe to help pubs, maybe for worldwide TV audiences. If it was Denmark v Spain am sure no-one here would be complaining about the kick off time.
Its not as if school kids are doing a lot next week before summer holidays so a few hours less watching Shrek wont matter. Personally I'd mark them late if they are but not set detentions
The final has been an evening kick off for as long as I can remember

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