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Electrochem | 19:35 Fri 09th Jul 2021 | News
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I appreciate that some people are addicted to football, but to say to parents that their kids don't have to be in school until 10:30 so they are not tired from watching the football is unbelievable.

Apart from the fact that some parents will have to arrange childcare, what does this teach adults and children about responsibility?

The school day is much shorter than it used to be and children need to catch up with their learning enough as it is already. Where do we stop? It seems to me that football is the only sport to get excited about.

On top of that, the scenes of supporters climbing on top of double decker buses shows how much respect some have for the property of others. I agree they are in the minority, but you don't tend to see it in other sports.

I also wonder how many will turn up for work on Monday morning, hungover, late or both. If I were an employer I would not be pleased.


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//I'm sure they'll all be delighted if Italy win// Just for the record, I won't. Nor will I be delighted if England win. Nor do I care if it's a draw and decided on penalties. As an aside, I've often thought that an entire competition such as this could be held in a single day (even with the daft "group" stages) by just deciding each tie on a penalty shoot out. I might...
13:24 Sat 10th Jul 2021
I can't think of any better comment to put than what NJ has done already. What I heard someone say on TV the other night was just unbelievable, I just can't remember who it was. Quote, if England win the final, our lives will change for ever. The media are off their trolley!!!
I also wonder how many will turn up for work on Monday morning, hungover, late or both.

I won't, I've booked the day off.
Am I unpatriotic by being more interested in the Lions tour?

I have a passing interest in the round ball game, because my father was obsessed with Charlton, and I’m enjoying the enthusiasm that England have made a final, but personally I’m more looking forward to playing the South Africans.
DeskdiaryAm I unpatriotic by being more interested in the Lions tour?

Is that something to do with rugger ?, didn't even know there is a lions tour coming up.
you've got a well deserved Six Nations and triple crown, Bobb... can't imagine why Boris didn't give everyone a bank holiday for that.
Entirely agree with NJ. Should be Best Answer.
it might be, tonyav, Covid's playing havoc with it at the moment.
The whole country seems to have hysterical incontinence about this final. I really do hope England win it but (there's always a but) they seem to have trudged their way to the final, unlike Italy who have done it in style. However, as they say in golf, it's not where you start, it's where you finish. We'll see.
Victimhood, virtue signalling and misery all in one post. Congratulations,Electrochem.
I agree that the bank holiday idea is a silly one.
Tho the devil in me would love to see a situation where Johnson asks the Scottish first minister if she’s planning on extending it to Scotland (!)
jnoit might be, tonyav, Covid's playing havoc with it at the moment.

Have members of the lions sqad got the covid virus then, jno ?
both sides, tonyav, the tour's sort of clinging on by its fingernails at the moment
Thanks jno.
Doesn't look good then.
Agh it’s only one time and only a few hours off.

It’s been such a rubbish year let the kids celebrate.

Ps - I don’t even like football so I won’t be watching
Great to have something to cheer about for a change. A couple of hours off Monday morning won't make any difference to anything don't climb the walls about it, you just get a good night's sleep and it'll all be alright.
gawd what a bunch of sour faced killjoys some of you are. We have something to cheer, may even win it, it's an extremely rare event so drink it in peeps and stop all the bellyaching.
can you imagine the rage in the PROJ if we win! Poor Nicola will have to watch Brave heart twice on Monday!
I think it’s more of a gesture to cheer people up following what’s been a miserable year and a half for everyone. I don’t see a ‘one off’ at what is a special time for many as being particularly harmful. It’s good to see the flags waving and to have something to cheer about at last.
Hi electrochem feeling this way about it is perfectly ok. I think most schools (including your childrens)?? Will be open at normal time for those parents such as yourself who don't want the sky to fall in on the world or turn their children into feckless idiots with no responsibility for being an hour and a half late for school. I expect there will be some other parents outside at 8:30 so that you can all grumble together and show the world how parenting is done properly. In sure your kids will thank you.
I think it's sensible... most schoolchildren will obviously end up watching it one way or another (either because they want to or because their family will make them) so the school might as well adapt to that reality...

I have never liked the football cult (or the way it creeps into schools) but I am inclined to just let people enjoy things especially now.

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