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Eu Could Help To Reintroduce Bse

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webbo3 | 12:47 Wed 30th Jun 2021 | News
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Their standards are pretty high. This one is odd though and probably driven by French farmers who are a militant lot.
// After being backed by member states, farmers will now be able to use cheap pig protein to be fed to chickens despite the fears of bovine spongiform encephalopathy or Mad Cow Disease.//

pig ( porcine/swine) protein to chickens - ( birdie - beep-bo - avian ) is dangerous because of Bovine .....

the problem which we have had wiv Covid is that the hacks dont understand the issues ( Fergus walsh doesnt know what a virus is beside 'iddy-widdy germ fing )
and the readers here cant scout the obvious non sequiturs
( feeding chickens wont endanger cows )

then TTT starts fooing in his impentrable rhyming slang

and lardie dar - no one understands a word

carry on confusing !

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Eu Could Help To Reintroduce Bse

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