Prince Philips Eulogy

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roopower | 09:55 Sat 17th Apr 2021 | News
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I've just read the eulogy that the poet laureate, Simon Armitage, has written. I think its wonderful and ideal for Prince Philip.


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have you read Bobbi's post on Prince Philip
Question Author
Yes, Emmie, very powerful.
i just read the eulogy, which is also very powerful -
sorry but i think he deserves better
"Through endeavour, hard work and sacrifice comes satisfaction, achievement and perfection "
sqad circa 2021
Lordy - Mrs sqad must have a wonderful life
I agree with Woofgang. Way below par.
oh listen up meds
once only

1921 Philips father was kicked out of greece having been boarded for cowardice I think

and.... The King had been bitten by a monkey - alone wiv Fritz the dog and he died a week or so later. Monkey B Virus I hear you chorus. Yes. And the politial uncertainty allowed Kemal atatturn to start a war in Anatolia which K A won and they kicked out all the Greeks from Anatolia thereafter. - The scapegoat was Prince Ange of Greece who was kicked out of House Home and moolah. Then he went off with some floozie. And the mother went into a madhouse. Later became a nun in a convent with one person - her.

Monkey B was the point sozza
Of course he deserves better, but he can't have better......cus we have a pandemic.
I thought, given the restrictions that it was very well done.
sqad the eulogy by Simon Armitage as linked, some like it some don't.
Sqad, we're talking about the literary offering from the poet laureate. am talking about the funeral, not the eulogy.
i know you were...
The funeral did as good a job as it could for him under the circumstances, the elegy is appalling.
Question Author
The poet said he knew the duke hated sycophancy and po posity but he wanted to write something relevant. It's full of references to his life.
i liked it
whats happened to Prince no duty, no fidelity, no loyalty?
gone back to That Woman ?

spineless - like Edward VIII, that's what !
the elegy - certainly .... grey

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Prince Philips Eulogy

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