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Hindu Pilgrims And Covid Bath

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fender62 | 12:54 Tue 13th Apr 2021 | News
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astonishing, do they think they are all immune gathering in that filthy river, it's the same one they dump dead bodies in as well?


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They've always done it, Fender. They won't stop for Covid. The water is terribly polluted. Absolutely filthy.
not immune obviously, but its their religion, so what can one do.
Cultural differences doncha know.
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just found this pic, if they dont get covid there certainly going to catch something from that filthy river
"went viral" apt.
I'd have though Covid was the last of their worries, much bigger worry would be typhoid and the such like.
I have washed in the Ganges. Afterwards I went and had a wash.
Jesus Christ !!
Never underestimate the power of faith.
Having been well beaten with a bible as a child, I don't recall Jesus Christ taking a dip in the Ganges ?

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Hindu Pilgrims And Covid Bath

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