Air Miles Andy V Peter Phillips

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smurfchops | 14:26 Sun 04th Apr 2021 | News
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Peter Phillips is morphing into Andrew... same fat neck and serious face.


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I am sure you have a link from the Sunday Times or Telegraph to substantiate your claim.
Slow news day?
Thanks for the News, fascinating.
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There was one in the papers on the day he was caught out, but can’t find it ... try this one, with the Queen.
Two people in the same family look alike.
No one has every made that observation before.
this just in: genetics!
Not much gets past you , does it sherlock? (sunk)
No chit Sherlock :0/
He'd have to go a long way (down) to reach the depths of the Queen's second son.
A double chin as well as a fat neck then?
That's below the belt, smurf - no title because of his parents' wishes and he's a business man working in the medical least he's making an effort. It's somewhat of an insult to link him to P. Andrew and his dubious activities.

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Air Miles Andy V Peter Phillips

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